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Birthday & Stats
Donnerstag, 28.10.2010 13:09 by Andreas "Gamma" Koch

Today we want to celebrate the birthday of Battlefield 1918 and this tiny website a little bit. About seven years ago "Lexi" wrote the first official BF1918 news here. We send out greetings to all former Frontline18 devteam members and to our beloved fans. Thank you for a amazing time, thank you for hours and hours of gaming in our favorit WW1 theater.

Nearly four years after the close down of the Battlefield 1918 mod development, the official website of the projects is still online. With more than 850 single news items, nearly 125.000 posts in our forum and with 400 articles about the mod and the first world war, the website is still one of the largest collections about World War 1 gaming.

Actually we count more than 1200 readers every day. The best populated areas within this website are still the forums and our history database. We would like to say: Thank you! Thank you for your still ongoing interest and thank you for revisiting this site!

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it was about time for Gamma to say just a "thank you" at last!
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